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What makes Candies shiny ?

Why are some candies shiny and glossy? Learn how candies get a makeover to attract you... Not only candies, food items like cheese, fruits and desserts are also made to have a glossy look.

Candy clip art

⚡ Candy factories coat candies with a layer of gloss before packing.

⚡ Candy gloss is commonly made from Shellac.

⚡ Shellac comes from larvae of the "lac" bug.

⚡ Shellac is used as a varnish for wood furnitures.

⚡ Bug larvae in your candy sounds gross..? Candy makers are moving to vegan gloss.

⚡ Palm gloss (made from Carnauba Palm Trees) is vegan and is used to coat candies.

⚡ Candelilla wax is another vegan gloss made from Candelilla bush.