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Flavanoids in fruits and vegetables

Flavanoids help plants in many ways, make fruits and flowers attractive to pollinators, adapt to changes, protect them from pests, etc. Eating foods rich in flavanoids makes us strong, healthy and fit. Explore flavanoids and their benefits.

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A cup of strawberries is a yummy snack for us. For food scientists, it is a mix of vitamins, fibers, polyphenols and flavonoids.

What are flavanoids ?

Flavonoids are chemicals made by plants. In addition to glucose, plants make many chemicals called phyto-chemicals. They are tools used by plants to evolve and adapt. In many plants, phyto-chemicals give color and texture to fruits and vegetables.

Strawberry science

In strawberry plants, phyto chemicals called flavonoids protect the plant from UV radiation. When you eat a cup of strawberries, flavonoids protect us from harmful cholesterol build up, regulate blood flow and makes your heart-healthy. Antho-cyanins are water-soluble flavonoids that protect plants from blue and green light. In humans, anthocyanins have health benefits like reducing inflammation and preventing cancer.

Turmeric chemistry

Turmeric has a group of chemicals called curcuminoids. Curcumin is one of them. It can cure inflammation, prevent cancer and tumours. In turmeric plants, it gives root tubers a distinct yellow color.

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Chemicals in tomato

Tomato has phenolic acids, beta and alpha carotenes, vitamins C and A, Lycopene, etc. Lycopene is good for humans. It strengthens bones and controls blood pressure. In plants, Lycopene gives tomato fuits their deep red color. Vitamin C helps human body make Collagen, which in turn makes up our skin and tissues.


Phyto-chemists spend a long time studying chemical compounds in plants. Extracting chemical compounds separately is a tough job. Each one is studied to understand its role in plant health and human health. Over 10,000 flavonoids have been identified in the recent years.
Studies shows vitamins and flavanoid in the form of supplements are less effective in humans. Eating a mix of flavanoids and vitamins in the right proportions is important for health. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is the way to go.

Eat natural colors

Colors indicate flavanoids. Red tomatoes, red cabbage, yellow and red bell peppers, green and red hot peppers, Lettuce and celery, onions are all rich in flavanoids.
Fruits like strawberries, blue berries, cherries, grapes, oranges, lemons, and cranberries are healthy and nutritious.

Bread, rice, and meat give us carbohydrates and proteins. We need them for strength and energy. In addition, fruits and vegetables have fibers and flavanoids. Flavanoids give us vitamins and nutrients to keep our body working seamlessly. They are important for a healthy and long life.

Do yourself a favour by choosing naturally colorful foods. Eat healthy.., live healthy..!