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Ant Pheromone Facts

Pheromones are chemicals made by animals. Animals use chemical scents to trace relatives, understand moods, and send messages. From moving in long lines to hauling food back to their nest, ants work as a team... Read how pheromones help ants communicate.

Ants trial Clipart

⚡ Pheromones are liquid, gooey chemicals made of hydrogen and carbon atoms, called hydrocarbons.

⚡ Ants use their stings to lay down a pheromone trial.

⚡ Ants make pheromone trials only after they find food, on their way back.

⚡ Other ants stumble on the pheromone trial, follow it and bring back more food.

⚡ They strengthen the pheromone trial by adding to it.

⚡ Most ant pheromone trials evaporate quickly, lasting for a few minutes only.

⚡ Ants of the same nest recognise each other using their body smells.