Fact Zap

Butterfly vs Moth

Fun Facts about caterpillars that turn into butterflies.

Caterpillar clip art

⚡ Furry caterpillars mostly become moths.

⚡ Caterpillars with spikes become butterflies.

⚡ Smooth skin caterpillars are difficult to predict. They can turn out to be either butterflies or moths.

⚡ There are 9 times more types of moths compared to butterflies.

⚡ Most caterpillars molt (grow a new skin after shedding the old skin) atleast 5 times.

⚡ Every time a caterpillar molts, its new skin has a different color and pattern.

Caterpillar Metamorphosis

Trivia Question: What happens inside a caterpillar cocoon?

⚡ Baby caterpillars are born with inactive butterfly cells.

⚡ Butterfly chrysalis is hard and tough, made of exoskeletan.

⚡ Moths come from silky cocoons that match the plant, keeping it camouflaged.

⚡ Caterpillars fill the chrysalis or cocoon with saliva, and drown themselves in it.

⚡ Caterpillar cells dissolve to become a proteing soup and feed inactive butterfly cells.

⚡ Butterfly cells start multiplying and grow in to a butterfly.