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Working of James Webb Space Telescope

We see the world using visible light rays. James Webb Space Telescope sees outer space using infra-red rays. Read interesting facts about the working of JWST.

Photo of James Webb Space Telescope by NASA Goddard

⚡ James Webb Space Telescope can look back in time, showing images of early universe.

⚡ Older telescopes like Hubble telescope use visible light. Hubble shows images of current universe.

⚡ JWST uses infrared rays that are invisible to humans. IR rays travel longer than light.

⚡ IR rays linger long after visible light fades away. JWST uses IR rays to records images of the past universe.

⚡ JWST is placed 1 million miles (1.5 km) above Earth.

⚡ JWST is at a central point between Earth's gravity and Sun's gravity (called Lagrange Point).

⚡ As per NASA, JWST involves 300 universities and companies across 14 countries.