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Bladeless Wind Turbines

"Skybrators" are wind turbines without blades. They are small, compact and low on carbon emissions. How do bladeless wind turbines work ? Read about the no blade wind turbines by Vortex.

Bladeless wind turbines from Vortex

Wind turbines with no blades or rotating parts. They are vibrating poles that make electricity. How do they work ? Are they really effective ? And, who makes them ? Read on for answers.

Vortex wind turbines

These strange pillars are bladeless wind turbines made by Vortex. This company from Madrid has come up with innovative design for wind turbines that are low cos and uses low space. They can be installed in houses and rooftops. A trial run showed these turbines are effective when installed road sides or on top of streetlights. One bladeless turbine can make as much electricity as 20 sq metres of solar panels.

Working Principle

Small Jets of air can be sensed by the wind turbine. When air is blocked by the turbine, jets of air go around it. They merge behind in swirling jets of air. Caught up in the swirling wind, the turbine vibrates back and forth.

There are magnets and coils inside the cylinder, placed around the tube. When the turbine vibrates, the magnetic field generates electric current.

This video from Vortex explains how it works.

Why bladeless wind turbines

Bladeless wind turbines are small and make lesser electricity than conventional wind turbines. But they cost less. They are easy to install. Existing wind turbines pose a threat to birds. Birds are electrocuted high tension electric wires of wind turbines. Bladeless wind turbines are bird friendly. They can be made from recycled plastic and are low on carbon emissions.

Buying Vortex turbines

Vortex website mentions their turbines are still on trial mode. They are open to large installation requests. But not available to end users yet.